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New Love: Show Your Feelings with Flowers
by: Natalie Aranda
Flowers are simply amazing because of their beauty, their grace, and the amazing impact they have on most women. Since receiving flowers is most women’s dream, regardless of how many times they have received them, men should know what flowers to give their girlfriends on different occasions throughout the year. Yes, that is right, flowers should be given throughout the year and not just reserved for Valentine’s Day. The reason for this is when women receive flowers they feel special, and if you are giving flowers for a special occasion then making your girlfriend feel extra special is very important. Also, flowers may be given for no reason at all and this will certainly make your girlfriend feel as if she has the most amazing boyfriend ever.

Girlfriend’s Birthday
Your girlfriend’s birthday is right around the corner or worse yet today, and you are searching for the perfect gift. However, the best gift you can give is the gift of flowers and fortunately no matter how serious your relationship with your girlfriend there are many types of flowers that are appropriate and will help you take your relationship to the next level. The reason why is because flowers are powerful and women are enchanted by them. Women love to tell other women they received flowers, it shows their boyfriend is confident, really interested in them and cares for them no matter what flower is given. Although, there are some flowers that are especially great birthday gifts.

For example, honeysuckle is a good birthday gift because it symbolizes happiness. Carnations in red symbolize passion and pink symbolize your girlfriend is always on your mind, so either choice is a great choice. Gerber daisies and wildflowers are both great selections because they are beautiful, bright, and are not interpreted as “coming on too strong” if the relationship is new.

Girlfriend’s Graduation
Your girlfriend may be graduating from high school, college, or an advanced degree program, but regardless of the degree she is receiving she will love to receive flowers. This shows not only that you are proud of her, but also that you care enough about her to buy flowers that are appropriate for this special occasion. For example, for your girlfriend’s graduation forget-me-nots are great choices because they represent true love as well as memories. Caladiums are good choices as well because they represent delight and joy while white carnations signify good luck and sweetness. Of course, pink flowers stand for happiness and graduation is a happy occasion and a perfect reason to give your girlfriend pink roses.

Valentine’s Day
Red roses are the best flowers for Valentine’s Day and the type of flowers most women want to receive on this special day. The relationship you have with your girlfriend may affect the color of roses you buy, however. Red roses should be reserved for longer relationships where the couple is passionately in love. Pink roses are appropriate for a newer relationship because they symbolize the relationship and happiness, but do not put any pressure on the girl regarding your feelings other than to let her know you really like her. Any other color of rose is appropriate as well, especially if your girlfriend is passionate about a certain color. Primrose is another good flower choice to give your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day because it is in essence saying you cannot live without her; the exact sentiment you want to express on the day of love. Carnations are also appropriate and the color you choose should represent your feelings. Red signifies passion, pink that she is on your mind and white sweetness.

Christmas Flowers
Christmas is always a hectic time and finding the perfect gift can seem overwhelming in a sea of shopping malls. However, a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated is flowers. The best flowers to give at Christmas time are orchids, holly, poinsettias, and the Christmas cactus as well as any red flower. The orchid signifies thoughtfulness and charm. Holly and the Poinsettia are two Christmas related flowers that are always used for decorating and as a result are readily available and a great gift for your girlfriend. A Christmas cactus is also a good idea and is a flowering cactus that generally blooms around Christmas time, although it can bloom at any time of year.

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Natalie Aranda is a freelance writer. She contributes to Ecommerce Guide and Gift Ideas for Wedding and Valentines.


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